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Women and Anxiety: A Perfect Potion

What is it with women and anxiety? It seems that all women have the same worries, and we love to discuss them. We get relief from knowing we are not alone and we find comfort in others who are experiencing the same struggles. But, it’s not our fault, completely.... read more

The Keto Diet – A Diet Worth Trying?

Many people over the last few years have raved about “the keto diet”. But what is the “keto” diet? This diet is known for its low-carb intake and yes, you guessed it – used to lose weight by so many desperate Americans. We all want the quick fix, but losing weight... read more

How Worrying Can Affect Your Life!   

Anxiety can do a number on your body and your mind. Don’t let the constant grind affect your life. Try using these helpful tips to deal with your worries when your symptoms arise. 1)   “Take deep breaths” Increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, can help calm... read more

Better Sleep, Healthier Heart…

Are you one to focus on your health by exercising and eating right? Do you lack in the sleeping department? Missing out on good Zzzzz’s can really hurt your health. Quality Zzzz’s along with healthy eating and activity, are so important in maintaining a healthy... read more

Jump Start Your Everyday with Oats!

“Whole grains like oats can make any meal more nutritious thanks to their combo of fiber, vitamins and minerals.” – Jaclyn London (Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director) Oats really have a power of nutrition. There are many reasons why you should make oats a part of... read more


COMBATTING SEASONAL ALLERGIES   If you suffer from seasonal allergies, chances are that you know exactly when spring has begun! The sun is out, flowers are blooming, and the air is rife with pollen. It is estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal... read more