Amy-PilatesIn 1995 I was in college studying Physical Education with a concentration in Athletic Training.  I wanted to start teaching group exercise.  I loved fitness and shortly after discovered my love for Pilates.

I got certified to teach group fitness in 1995.  Step, power punch, high/low aerobics, slide were the big workouts to do back then.  It wasn’t until 2000 that I discovered Pilates.  I practiced for a year under an instructor and decided I wanted to begin teaching it myself.  It was much different then anything I had been teaching before.

Pilates is a complete mind-body connection.  I fell in love with how it made me feel.  I was able to connect with my students.  It was more than just a workout.  When you correctly execute a Pilates movement, every muscle in your body will be activated.  There are approximately 640 muscles in the human body and I am pretty sure every single one gets activated during an hour session of mat Pilates.

Pilates evolved from the work of Joseph Pilates.  He was a German man who immigrated to the US in 1926.  His story is very intriguing and I would encourage you to research him.  A man with an idea that would change the way fitness integrated the mind-body connection.

I would encourage every person who reads this article to try it.  If you are not comfortable in a gym studio, try a private studio or my newest Pilates DVD called: Body Empowered by Pilates.  I guarantee once you try it, you will continue to practice it.  My motto: “If it challenges you, it will change you.”

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