food-scamWow! This may or may not come as a shocker to you but reading labels and asking questions about what you consume has never been so important. What if the source doesn’t know the answers to your questions and they choose to lie? More and more restaurants, grocery stores, and food manufactures are using false advertisement as ways to market their brand. It is truly scary!

Unfortunately, we live in an untrustworthy world. Check out the book, “Real Food Fake Food” by Larry Olmsted. “After reading it, you’ll want to be fed intravenously for the rest of your life. The book exposes the breadth of counter fit foods were unknowingly eating.”

Have you ever wondered if you’re really pumping pure gasoline into your car at the gas station? I guess we never know if our gas contains a mixture of dirty water or not. This book talks about seafood restaurants and grocery stores essentially doing the same thing. They market its one type of fish, when really it’s something of lower quality. Red Lobster is guilty too, using an imitation “fake” lobster to fill their lobster bisque to increase profits! How wrong? How do we know for sure what we’re really ordering/eating? How are restaurants getting away with this? How is this ok?

Other food concerns to have include olive oil, parmesan cheese, and “organic” meats. For more info…see link here to another article written regarding this book. Open your eyes, stop trusting that everybody will steer you in the right direction, you must advocate for yourself, because after all we are our own advocate. Eat more at home versus eating out, not only is it healthier but it almost guarantees we are eating what we think we are!