SupermarketEver go to the grocery store hungry therefore, wanting to buy everything in site? Try having a snack before grocery shopping. This will help keep your eyes on your shopping list and not on the shelves!

Take a close look at our grocery store tips to help navigate you through the grocery store successfully.

  1. ALWAYS make a list! (Not making a list can cause you to buy unnecessary items that can be unhealthy and even wasted).
  2. Walk the Perimeter. Your healthy choices are usually around the perimeter of the store, not within the aisles. Have you ever noticed that your produce, dairy, and meat are located outside the center aisles? (This will help to ensure you are making healthy decisions).
  3. cart

  4. Stick to Fresh and Organic.
  5. Grab a Basket, not a Cart! (Carts can obviously hold much more than baskets, causing you to overload with excessive unneeded items.) Stick to the original list.
  6. Limit your trips to the grocery store to 1 per week. Plan out your meals for the entire week when grocery shopping. This will ensure that you are sticking to your original weekly meal plan.
  7. Plan Crock-pot Recipes! For those of you who work a 9-5 job and don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal when you get home, pre plan a crock-pot recipe so that dinner is ready after work.
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  9. Utilize Curbside Pickup at your local grocery store. Maybe disregarding the inside of the grocery store all together will enforce you to stick to your healthy lifestyle plan a bit easier. Place your grocery order online in order to keep you committed to healthy decisions without tempting you to veer off to unnecessary aisles.

The Frank Institute can help customize a shopping list for your weight loss needs. Make an appointment with Dr. Frank today to discuss healthy options personalized for you.