“Over the past twenty-five years, new modalities and interventions have made medical providers, toughest job; managing patients’ pain – a little easier.”

Here at the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness, there are no protocols, there are only patients. We customize every plan for every patient’s needs. No two patients are the same, as are no two injuries the same.lower back pain With an abundance of methods available for managing acute and chronic pain – ranging from cryotherapy and thermotherapy to state of the art digital technology – we know that laser therapy is usually a good treatment option, however our favorite technique, is good clinical reasoning!

Within the last two years an awesome article came out titled ‘Making Gains on Pain.’ Dr. Timothy Demchak, associate professor of applied medicine and rehabilitation at Indiana State University said, “Laser therapy can be used to treat inflammation, provides deep-tissue therapy, and accelerates pain relief.” laser pain therapyHe states that laser use is growing among medical professionals and the current research conducted is showing awesome results. Some results are showing that laser therapy can lower the risk of arthritis developing as a result of sports injuries in athletes.

If pain has negatively influenced your life, and you have tried everything…it’s time to give this treatment option a try. We have had many outrageous success stories come out of this incredible piece of machinery and we are excited to see how it can help you.