At the Frank Institute, our class IV cold laser is a great way to treat any pain and inflammation you may be experiencing in your body. Our “Cutting Edge” laser uses wavelengths to penetrate thermally through your body to decrease the inflammation that essentially causes you pain. This treatment can take any where from 5-13 minutes and can give you instant relief! You have nothing to lose, why wouldn’t you give it a try?

The purpose of this blog is to give you treatment options that you can use in conjunction with the laser therapy. Stretching and foam rolling can be two easy ways to also treat a painful area on your body. Why not use the two treatment methods together?

See below pictures describing proper foam rolling techniques!

Make yourself an appointment at the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness, not only get your laser treatment but to be consulted by the Frank Institute’s very own Athletic Trainer, Erica Murphy. She can walk you through appropriate stretching techniques on an individual basis based on your very own diagnosis’. She can also demonstrate foam-rolling techniques that will be beneficial for you.