The holidays have just wrapped up and so have the New Year’s celebrations; however, the party isn’t over just yet! One of the greatest parties of the year is coming up this February 5th – that’s right – the Super Bowl! Not only is it the most watched television program of the year in the US, it also is the largest day of food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day. That is an impressive amount of food consumption, but that doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to post-Super Bowl pounds.

guacThis Super Bowl Sunday, make a plan and stick to it. Plan out what you will eat, how much, and block off a specific time to do so. By setting limits, you can control the amount you eat by preventing mindless eating during the game. Shoot for the half-time show as your designated period of eating to stay on track during the game.

Another tip is make sure that you remember that the main focus of the game is to watch good football and spend time with family and friends. The name of the game should not be about eating, but rather taking the time to socialize. By focusing on spending time with others and watching the game, you can remove the distracting food element. You can also entertain your brain by creating games within the game, e.g., friendly bets on the next play or ranking the best and the worst of the Super Bowl commercials.

Are you planning on having some beers with the game? If you are, mix in a water in between each beer to dilute the alcohol. By eliminating the buzz, you can also eliminate overeating caused by lowered inhibitions. If you think you’d like to avoid drinking altogether, volunteer as designated driver to take the decision-making out of your hands.fruit

Overeating can also be cut down by eating snacks off small plates instead of eating finger foods from the serving trays. By doing so, you draw imaginary limits on your eating and are better able to visualize how much you have consumed. A study done by Cornell University showed that participants who ate out of bottomless bowls of soup (it was rigged to fill itself from the bottom), ate 73-percent more soup than those who ate from normal bowls!

Finally, remember that the Super Bowl comes just one day a year, and if you go off track, you have the opportunity to fix it the next day. But it’s also important to remember how easy it is to fall off the tracks, so do yourself the favor and try to stick to healthy eating goals during that time to set yourself up for a better tomorrow and a better future.