Are you suffering from ideas on how to romantically incorporate dessert for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Are you worried one chocolate will turn into 5? Are you afraid, once you start, you won’t be able to stop? If you answered YES, to all of these questions, you are already on the right track to a successful and healthy Valentine’s Day. It’s apparent that when you are worried about eating unhealthy, you care about yourself. This is a good thing, actually it’s step 2 in an affluent healthy lifestyle change (step 1 being that you have identified that you are unhappy and need to make changes in order to better yourself.

Use these healthy tips not only in your Valentine’s Day dessert plans, but whenever you incorporate sweets into your life.

  1. When baking a cake or even cupcakes, try substituting applesauce for the oil (this replacement reduces the amount of fat included in your recipe).
  1. Look for flourless recipes or replace the flour with the equivalent measurement of black beans. Sounds crazy, I know, however this elimination decreases the amount of carbohydrates in your recipe.
    flour to black beans
  2. When making cookies, substitute mashed avocado or mashed banana for the butter (this substitution will decrease the bad fat and increase the good fat in your recipe).
    butter vs avocado
  3. In any dessert that contains sugar (which is mostly all of them) reduce the sugar measurement in half. You will be amazed at how little of a difference there will be in sweetness taste.
    too much sugar
  4. For those recipes requiring heavy cream, replace with evaporated milk as a healthier option, decreasing not only fat but calories.
    cream vs evaporated milk

Having a sweet tooth, is a real thing and responding to that craving is okay as long as it’s in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself of what you want just make reasonable decisions.

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