3 healthy, easy, and timeless appetizer recipes!

Glorified Cucumbers!

Item Cost
1 seedless cucumber (sliced ¼ in thick)$0.99
1 jar of fig jam$2.99
1 small hunk of goat cheese$3.99
fresh thyme (optional)$0.79
 Total Cost$8.76

cucumber goat cheese fig

Slice cucumber about ¼ inch thick. Smear goat cheese to cover one side of the cucumber and place a small dollop of fig jam on top! This combo really goes well together. Finish with fresh thyme (optional). It’s a true crowd pleaser! Place on a pretty platter or wooden cheese board and ENJOY!


Mini Caprese Pops!

Item Cost
Baby tomatoes$2.99
Fresh mozzarella balls$4.49
Fresh basil$0.89
Balsamic vinegar$0.79
Toothpicks to assemble$0.39
 Total Cost$9.55

mini caprese pops


Assemble caprese pops however you’d like using the ingredients listed above. Once assembled, drizzle with balsamic vinegar. This refreshing appetizer is sure to keep things cool this summer! Display by lining them up on a pretty platter with an empty shot glass for your guests to dispose their used toothpicks! ENJOY!



Mini Hummus Toasts!


Item Cost
Crostini (toast yourself or buy already done)$2.99
Your favorite hummus (beet makes for a colorful plate!)$1.99
Ripe avocado (sliced thinly)$0.99
Fresh curly parsley$0.89
 Total Cost$6.86

mini hummus toast


Assemble mini toasts with a spread of your favorite hummus. I like beet hummus as it’s super colorful and makes for a good display! Top your hummus with a slice of fresh ripe avocado and a sprig of fresh curly parsley. ENJOY!