The Cape Fear Region’s Leader in Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

As practitioners of recovery and healing, Restorative & Regenerative Medicine is the defining principle of the work of the Frank Institute. Every service seeks to restore what has been lost, and regenerate something that has been damaged.

Every appointment is built around our fundamental calling – “You Live. We Help.” This isn’t a catchphrase, as much as it is an understanding that life is hard, long, and complicated. Our worst days are grueling, traumatic, and scarring.

So the Frank Institute is here to help you live a better life. We encourage our patients. We lift people up. We restore function and vibrance, while working to regenerate hope and healing.

Every day. Every single patient. Restore and regenerate, through treatments driven by:

Cause over symptoms
Therapy over prescriptions
Healing over treating
Aiming at total, long-term wellness

THAT is what Restorative and Regenerative Medicine means at the Frank Institute.
And we are here to help.

Scientifically-Based Doctor’s Care

While every aspect of our work is steeped in the principles of Restorative & Regenerative Medicine, we are also most fundamentally medical practitioners that are focused on the sciences of endocrinology, immunology, hematology and the principles of healing the hurting.

We study hormones.

Endocrinology is a branch of physiology that centers around the endocrine glands and hormones. Our work is based on the medical understanding that, over time and as a result of some traumas, hormone levels change. Even the smallest changes can impact mood, rest, immune response, and risk for disease. An issue that both men and women face, our work begins at understanding the cause of the symptoms our patients are expressing, and working to restore hormone balance to each patient.

We work to strengthen immune systems.

The immune system is complex, and while all of our work is focused on restoring and regenerating, much of our work is focused on helping people recover from acute trauma, or optimizing their own systems to allow for consistent recovery from daily life. Our work with intravenous hydration and vitamin infusion, as well as hormone balancing, all work with the goal of proper immune health in mind.

We tailor to each patient’s needs

If you have questions about our work, please feel free to reach out to our Staff, make an appointment, or message Dr. Frank directly.

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