Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is a mechanical stimulation that encourages natural healing processes in the body.

Sound waves are used to inspire natural, safe reactions within tissue that helps to return that tissue to its optimal and homeostatic state. By using specific ranges of frequency, energy, and pressure, treatment categories are endless and range from musculoskeletal injuries to erectile dysfunction. Overall, AWT is able to perform specific tasks that lead to optimization, healing, and pain management.

Building Blood Flow Back

A primary benefit of AWT is neovascularization, or the creation of new blood vessels. This is important because it offers an increase in blood flow, and nutrient supply, while providing new routes of elimination for recurrent inflammatory cells and metabolic wastes. As vascular formations grow and develop, oxygen supply is increased and tissues become healthier, stronger, and can metabolize more efficiently. Without this function, healthy cells can become damaged or weakened and unable to perform their function.

Arterial Clean Up

AWT also has the ability to break down thick plaque buildup within our arteries. Here, the non-invasive sound waves can physically destroy calcium and fat buildup, which widens arteries and restores circulation. For example, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction there is only one artery in the penis. When this sole artery is narrowed, optimal blood flow cannot be obtained.

Additionally, AWT is an important factor for cellular regeneration. If healthy blood cannot reach certain tissues, cell cycles and production of new cells could be halted.

Stem Cell Stimulation

Another main function of AWT is its support of the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells, which contributes to muscle healing and encourages bone and epithelial cell health. The body naturally does this through a cell-to-cell communication known as paracrine signaling. At the site of an injury, damaged cells release signals that recruit free floating stem cells to that location. From here, the cells can repair and regenerate specific tissues based on their physiological and distinct structures. Acoustic wave therapy helps amplify these signals to promote faster healing and shorter recovery time.

Getting On Your Nerves

Have you ever experienced intense, persistent, chronic pain? That is due to a neurotransmitter called Substance P. This neurotransmitter is responsible for pain perception and relaying that information to the central nervous system. The sound waves emitted through AWT help to lower the concentration of Substance P, thus reducing pain and inflammation. This treatment works great for musculoskeletal pains that are slow to heal due to injury or trauma.

Restoring & Regenerating – AWT Works!

Acoustic wave therapy is not a band aid. It heals the problematic area by increasing blood flow, creating new blood vessels, recruiting stem cells, and dispersing pain mediators.

AWT provides benefits that cannot be achieved by any other medical device. It is an alternative to surgery, medications, or other therapies that have not worked in the past.

It is important to seek treatment from a provider with a credible Acoustic Wave machine.

At the Frank Institute, our machine is the only FDA cleared technology for tissue regeneration. So give us a call today, to find out if this treatment is right for you!

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