Strong immune health has never been more important in our lifetimes, than it is today. As our bodies are constantly under attack, we face unprecedented daily exposure to dangerous, and occasionally unknown pathogens. So it is vitally important to do everything we can do to have and maintain the best immune health, and to even seek out how to boost your immune system.

Of course, where immune health is concerned, we all know the basics. Proper diet, consistent hydration, and rest. And this list is absolutely correct, but it is incomplete! Did you know that a key factor to overall immune health comes from having a properly balanced and optimized hormone system?

The body system that oversees hormone production, our endocrine system, is responsible for the proper function of many of our body’s internal systems. One of those systems being directed by hormones is our immune system. Essentially, one of the key functions of our hormones is to tell our bodies to fend off bacteria and viruses. So without the communication of hormones throughout our body, our immune system could not function to the best of its ability.

Here are some hormone basics:

Estrogen – Estrogen is not just for women. This hormone plays an important role in almost every bodily function, and in women has been found to be related to over 100 different systems.

Testosterone – Similar to Estrogen, this hormone is important for both men and women. While most commonly associated with male muscle growth, energy and libido, it has additional function in helping the body mount an appropriate immune response to infection.

Thyroid – Commonly known as the “master gland”, no system of the body can run optimally without the thyroid working well. Consider this hormone to be the initiator of our metabolism.

Cortisol: Everyone knows this as the “stress hormone” and if levels are too high or too low (from constant stress) your body cannot mount a proper immune response.

Vitamin D – This vitamin… is actually a hormone! Developed mostly through the skin or during digestion, Vitamin D has been talked about a lot lately for it’s effectiveness in fighting viruses like COVID-19. It does this by working within each individual cell to regulate immune function and also helps fight inflammation.

And this is just the beginning. We could go on and on about hormone types, function, and proper leveling, which is why the Frank Institute exists! We specialize in bioidentical hormone therapies that optimize your endocrine system, helping you to live your life as healthy and happy as possible.

If you have questions about how you’re feeling, or if hormone treatment might be right for you, email us at or fill out our Symptom Survey on our homepage. At the Frank Institute, you live – we help!.

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