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Throughout this past week, have you created any food scraps or have grounds left over in your coffee filter?  Of course, you did!  What if I told you that composting unwanted materials like these could save the world?  Dramatic? Think again. The effects...

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To Salt or Not to Salt?

It’s time to rethink salt. You think you know salt?  Well, let me reintroduce you to salt.  I’m not talking about that bright white stuff you find in the middle of every chain restaurant dining table. I’m talking about the beautiful, rich substance that...

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Food Allergies & “Today’s Kids”

If you are a parent, than you are probably more than familiar with food allergies. Peanut Butter seems to be banned in every school in America these days. Some people roll their eyes while others have experienced it first hand or even have children with allergies so...

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Lifestyle Changes vs. Fad Diets

Have you ever been told to try changing your bad habits and get on the weight loss wagon and try the Atkins Diet!? What about Keto? Have you heard of the Cabbage Soup Diet? Let me guess, friends have told you to cleanse your body and only juice? It’s all a bunch of...

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Walk the Walk, Lose the Weight

Whether you have always lived an active lifestyle or have never stepped foot into the gym, walking is an exercise for all. For those of you who want to get active, but struggle with the idea of walking into a gym full of already “fit people” or can’t begin to imagine...

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Women and Anxiety: A Perfect Potion

What is it with women and anxiety? It seems that all women have the same worries, and we love to discuss them. We get relief from knowing we are not alone and we find comfort in others who are experiencing the same struggles. But, it’s not our fault, completely....

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