Low back pain is the second most common disorder affecting American adults. More than 80% of us will experience lower back pain at some point in our lifetime. 

Lower back pain is a significant quality of life issue that can be caused by a wide range of challenges including congenital issues, injuries, degenerative issues, and nerve problems. 

Addressing Traditional Treatments

Traditionally, chronic lower back pain has been treated with medications (like analgesics, NSAIDS, muscle relaxers, topical pain relief, etc.), heat, ice, stretching massage therapy, physical therapy, etc. The issue with those pain treatment strategies is that they are addressing the body’s response to pain, but not actually impacting the damaged or inflamed tissue. Essentially, traditional treatments to low back pain fail to address the actual problems. Many of these treatments are designed to disrupt pain signals, and do bring a measure of relief, but do not work to actually cure lower back pain.

Introducing Acoustic Wave Therapy

At the Frank Institute, our work with acoustic wave therapy works to both modify the damaged tissue, while retraining the body’s natural reflex to pain in that affected area.

Through the use of strong and repeated stimulation on synaptic junctions (or the spot where your pain receptors are located), acoustic wave therapy deletes the pathological memory reflex that develops chronic states, while simultaneously treating the painful area. The disbursement of those pain receptors almost immediately allows for increased circulation and metabolism as the area of stress relaxes. This transition stimulates real and permanent healing over time. This allows for a more natural reset of those pain receptors, allowing the chronic response to disappear. 

Healing to Live

Lower back pain can be debilitating, and so many treatments are designed to exclusively treat pain in the moment. So treatments are endless, costs mount, and the pain never truly goes away because the body never actually changes its patterns. But with acoustic wave therapy at the Frank Institute, your body can be healed of its chronic back pain.

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