“Whole grains like oats can make any meal more nutritious thanks to their combo of fiber, vitamins and minerals.” – Jaclyn London (Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director)

Oats really have a power of nutrition. There are many reasons why you should make oats a part of your daily meal plan, but here are 4 we wanted to highlight.


  • Oats provide ENERGY! They help promote a steadier release of glucose throughout your bloodstream. Gradual energy that’s absorbed is better for you because it lasts longer which helps you feel fuller longer. Start your day with oats as they are brain food and can get your busy morning started off strong and on the right foot.
  • Oats promote SATIETY! Whole grain oats can help promote satiety because of the types of fiber they contain. They contain soluble and insoluble fiber which may slow down the rate of digestion and absorption. This is good news, if you feel fuller longer, you will be less likely to graze on extra calories!
  • Oats support DIGESTION! The fiber in oats can help aid your gut by moving things through more easily. This can help keep you on schedule. Drinking more water with these fiber rich foods will also help keep you regular. Try and make a new goal to increase your intake of both water and fiber filled foods.
  • Oats help you benefit from HEART HEALTH! The fiber in oats can help lower LDL cholesterol which is a key factor in lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.