AutumnMy name is Autumn and I have really enjoyed my experienced at the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness. Dr. Frank and his staff are always so attentive and responsive to all of my needs. Unlike a typical doctor’s office each time I came in I got uninterrupted 1 on 1 time with Dr. Frank to go over labs and any issues or questions I had been having. I never felt rushed and I never felt I couldn’t contact him at any time.

The focus of my work with Dr. Frank has been weight loss and the entire process has been surprisingly easy and motivating. Since I started working with Dr. Frank I’ve lost 25 pounds, dropped 2 pant sizes, reduced my body fat by 8%, and lost more than 12 inches overall. My weight loss was steady and Dr. Frank really encouraged me to eat well and exercise regularly. This allowed me to not only lose weight but really change my body composition. I am so pleased with not only how my clothes are fitting, but also with my energy and confidence levels.

I think the picture I attached shows that I didn’t just get “skinny” but my body changed. I slimmed out all over and now the hard work I put in at the gym is finally showing.