Jessica K , 41 year old female, with chronic pain came to Dr Frank’s office for a consultation and on her first visit seemed like a good candidate for Cold Laser Therapy.

After 8 weeks of intense pain in my IT Band and no relief from icing, stretching, foam rolling, anti-inflammatories, I spoke with Dr. Frank about what he could do to help relieve my pain and inflammation. He used laser therapy on both of my legs and after only ONE treatment, the pain was gone. I was so skeptical that a laser treatment would make an impact so quickly after being in pain for so long, but it truly had immediate results. I was able to run further and faster than I had in the 8 weeks prior. I am so happy that I made the decision to see Dr. Frank and try the laser treatment.

Dr. Frank was patient and thorough with his explanation of the treatment and how it worked vs what I had been doing for pain. I was absolutely shocked by how good I felt and how quickly the treatment worked.

I cannot recommend them highly enough! Give them a call!