kellyKelly is a 48 year old female whom has suffered with severe painful side effects of rheumatoid arthritis for years! She has tried countless treatments including monthly shots at her Rheumatologist’s office. Nothing ever seemed to work for her long term until she tried laser therapy treatments at the Frank Institute. Kelly said, “My hands always ached for days after performing simple tasks like sweeping a floor or cleaning a bathroom. I would wake every morning with sore, stiff hands.”

“Dr. Frank suggested that I do a series of six laser treatments. During the first treatment I could literally see the redness diminishing from my hands as the laser reduced my inflammation. After the second treatment my hands had very minimal swelling and they did not ache all the time, and by the time the last treatment came around there was no stiffness in the mornings, absolutely no swelling or redness in my hands, and they didn’t hurt at all. I had forgotten what it was like to live pain free and to be able to use my hands like I wanted to again.”

“Dr. Frank and his staff are wonderful, the laser treatment he offers is remarkable and I would, and have, recommended the Frank Institute to anyone that asks.”