My name is Maximiliano Ruiz, and I am an amateur MMA fighter (mixed martial arts).max

About a month and a half ago, I incurred a shoulder injury, six weeks prior to what wouldhave been my pro debut.  I learned that the injury was a rotator cuff tear, and the pain was pretty severe. It was very difficult for me to do anything, even simply putting my shirt on. The worst of it was being able to get the proper sleep at night since I would be in so much pain from sleeping on my bad shoulder.  It was then that I realized I knew a great professional to call, Dr. Frank. Dr. Frank immediately started treatment on me with the MLS Laser Therapy within my first visit.  From then on, I received treatment twice a week, for a mere four minutes.  As the weeks went on, we decreased the amount of laser time to only two minutes.  It was such a painless process, and I was able to get on with my day so quickly!  The laser therapy helped me recover at a tremendous rate; I have no further pain and regained full range of motion in my shoulder.  In addition to treating my shoulder, Dr. Frank has been treating a sprained ligament in my ankle with the laser therapy as well. It has only been about four weeks, and again, the healing process has been quick and painless.

I highly recommend Dr. Frank at The Frank Institute, and utilizing the MLS Laser Therapy
for any injuries you may have! — Max