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Medical Weight Loss

Bobby-MedAt the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness we strive to promote the connection between eating, exercise, weight management, and living a healthy lifestyle. Dr Frank will take the time to understand your specific diet and weight loss needs, and design a personalized program just for you. Whether it is using our revolutionary online, real time, interactive Weight loss RT system, prescription medications, or a combination of both, you will see results and feel better. We are also offering genetic testing to better understand how your body metabolizes. All this together means the Frank Institute offers the most comprehensive and individualized weight management system that is unique to each patient. Call the Frank Institute today to schedule your appointment, and speak with Dr Frank about how he can help you lose weight and keep it off!

Hormone Replacement

hormone-therapyAs we age, our hormones decrease. As our hormones decrease we can experience symptoms such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, decreased stamina, low libido, and poor sleep. Dr Frank has significant experience in understanding how these hormonal changes affect the body, and the best way to treat them. By using customized, compounded medications from a highly respected pharmacy, Dr Frank can make you look and feel younger! Wouldn’t it be great to have more energy, more drive, and feel better? Dr Frank uses an in depth lab panel and DNA testing to determine which hormones in your body are not at optimum levels, and then prescribes a comprehensive treatment system to get you back on track. Call the Frank Institute today to schedule your appointment

Acute and Chronic Pain Relief

We all know that inflammation leads to pain, so why not treat the inflammation within our painful problem!? The new Class IV Cutting Edge Laser at the Frank Institute serves to treat the underlying cause of pain, without covering it up with medications. The Laser was a modality developed to deliver therapeutic wavelengths to the body allowing it’s penetration to thermally decrease inflammation, edema, swelling, and pain. An energetic synergy is created when delivering these wavelengths that produces greater anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to the body. The MLS Cutting Edge Class IV laser sets itself apart from other class IV lasers due to its unique synchronization of continuous pulsed wavelengths to the body. Laser therapy uses light to favor and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. The laser beam is moved over the skin so that the light energy (photons) penetrates the tissue where it interacts with various molecules (chromophores) that cause different biological effects. It produces a photochemical, photothermal and photomechanical effect.

The Frank Institute Approach


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 Insurance Reimbursement

At the Frank Institute, we provide patients with the highest quality care while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere during visits. To achieve this goal, our practice is designed as a fee-for-service model. We do not currently contract with insurance companies. Payment is due at time of service. Majority of our fees are eligible for reimbursement through your out-of-network insurance benefits or healthcare saving account. Ask us for more details. Many of our patients have received full or partial reimbursement (this applies to our hormone optimization, medical weight loss, and our laser therapy appointments only).