Primary Care

Ever find yourself being rushed through a doctors appointment? Have you ever felt that you are just a number in the providers’ schedule? Is it not obvious that your provider doesn’t take the time to get to know you, nor do they remember you time after time? Here at Frank Institute, we take pride in knowing our patients. We spend the necessary time with our patients in order to provide the best health care possible. We customize every individuals care specifically for them. We are thorough throughout our appointments and we are accessible whenever our patients need us. Here at the Frank Institute we provide better health for a better life.

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Health Care for patients is NOT a one-time, hastily done affair. It is a step by step process, where each stage needs time and effort, with precise, comprehensive action in order to accomplish its desired effect. One stage must be fully completed before moving on to the next, and each stage is equally important. This approach to holistic health care ensures a complete treatment for the patient. The fundamental steps to the approach are

(1) Assessment
(2) Identification
(3) Intervention
(4) Evaluation



Assessment of the patient is the first step. It initiates and ensures detailed knowledge of a patient’s complaint and history. It doesn’t stop there – lifestyle, diet, living conditions, family, habits, past and present occupation, etc. The information gathered through friendly interviews and tests assures that we have complete and precise information of our patients. Knowing them inside and out is a must to have a better understanding of their medical history.


Identification of the problem follows. Using the complete information gathered, the next step is identifying the problem, and eventually arriving at the proper diagnosis. We make sure that every inch of data is reviewed meticulously to arrive at an accurate identification of the illness, which will be then thoroughly explained to the client in a manner that they can understand.


Intervention or treatment, the next step, will cater to the patient’s needs by providing the fastest, most effective, and least painful process or regimen to address the patient’s problem. Each medication or procedure is carefully selected to suit the patient’s needs – because even if they have the same illness, each and every patient is different because of external and intrinsic factors that is unique with each person. This is exactly why the first step in knowing the patient fully well is important.



Evaluation and follow up is the last but equally important step. This appraises how effective the treatment is, ensures that the patient is recovering at full capacity, and checks for any other possible complications that need to be addressed.