Dr. Frank and his staff are first class. Truly listens to the needs of his patients and provides solid solutions and excellent care. Highly recommend Dr. Frank!

Stephen Taylor

Best doctor I've worked with over the phone. I would definitely recommend everyone to get yourself checked and understand your options.

Cang Phu

Dr. Frank changed my life almost a year ago, & he could change yours too!

Kimberly Williams

I got started on testosterone cream & within 2 weeks I felt like a different person. My mood leveled out, my brain fog went away, & I finally had a sex drive! After we got that squared away we moved on to thyroid & --- MAGIC, my friends. It feels like magic.

Susie Linquist

Doctor Frank has the compassion for his patients that many doctors have lost. The very first time I met Doctor Frank, he made me feel comfortable and I was able to express my issues! HE not only listened but cares. I drive well over an hour AND it is worth it. ♥️

Kimberly Collins Williams

Great place to receive all your services for health and wellness. Friendly and inviting staff!!

Debra Logan Byas

Was having chronic pain in my hip/knee. Dr. Frank encouraged me to try out the laser therapy. It was quick, easy and he's a pretty funny guy! I noticed a difference within a few hours and feel better after one treatment. Ill be back! I highly recommend Dr. Frank & a visit to the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness as an alternative to any other treatment.

Jennifer Shore

By far the best patient care I’ve ever experienced. I would recommend Dr. Frank to anyone, especially if you’ve reached the point of giving up on finding a quality doctor.

Matt Thompson

Dr. Frank has been a great resource for me. I am a mma gym owner and trainer, and I have to regularly fight with people half my age and twice my size. At 40 I was beginning to fall apart and not be able to do my job, but after working with Dr. Frank I'm able to continue doing the things I love.

David Stacy

A wonderful doctor with such an open mind and heart centered approach. Looking at the issue from all angles and practices what he preaches and truly wants to help create wellness and balance in his patient's lives... Look no further if you are looking for health and wellness, The Frank Institute is the place to go!

Samantha G Cayton

I just left my first laser treatment... I can honestly say I don't think I've felt better since I was a child. I am completely pain-free. I stood up from the table and the tension, the tightness, the aching-- were gone. GONE. GONE. Lifting my arms above my head felt like- well- felt like nothing. It didn't hurt to move my arms. It didn't hurt to stand. My back wasn't throbbing. I cannot express how incredible this treatment is. I feel like a completely different person.

Ashley Seagle Jones

I have been suffering with back pain for 2 years, I have done physical therapy,steriod injections,chiropractor treatments and acupuncture. I was told my only hope was surgery. I started lazer therapy two weeks ago and I am amazed with the results!! For the first time in 2 years, I awoke feeling like my old self again! Thank you Dr Frank for bringing me back to life!

Diane Tangredi

My husband has been going to see Dr Frank for a while now and we always walk out amazed by the compassion and concern and care that Dr Frank has for him. We drive over an hour to see him and will continue to do so.

Missy Lamb

Dr. Frank treats the whole patient. Dr Frank will help you lose weight, gain your strength back or get you pain free with his knowledge. He is the best in his field hands down. If you are suffering from acute pain you must see Dr Frank. He makes you feel comfortable and gains your trust quickly. I highly recommend Dr Frank and the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness!

Jess Frank

Dr. Frank is a top notch physician. He is compassionate and always puts his patients well being first. Dr. Frank stays on top of the latest advancements in healthcare. First rate place!

Kevin Pyles

The entire staff is amazing and Dr. Frank is really great at getting to the root causes of many different health issues. Thanks Dr. Frank!!

Adam Herendeen

From their healthy weight loss programs, to laser therapy for pain and injuries, and they even general medicine if you just catch the flu then this is the place to go!! Great staff and amazing services!

Billy Sutton

Great atmosphere with awesome professional staff and service. Thanks for the great care.

Monte Mishoe

Dr. Frank has helped me out tremendously!! Good guy and I gained a good friend as well. He's a terrible shot though at the gun range!!

Don Varady

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