As leaders in Restorative and Regenerative treatment, every service is tailored to help and heal each patient’s unique challenges and circumstances.

In order to properly assess each patient’s unique needs and the expressions of their symptoms, we must determine the correct causes for the way they feel. We address that need through assessment, evaluation, and blood panels.

Our multifaceted approach to patient care ensures that we hear each patient personally, while addressing their unique physiology and biochemistry with expert medical diagnoses. One to one assessments and thorough blood panels allow our medical staff, and specifically Dr. Frank, to evaluate each patient accurately and with a detailed focus.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a service dedicated to restoring optimal levels of hormones to the body that may have grown deficient over time or as a result of constant stress.

Hormone creams have an immediate effect on issues of hormonal imbalance, whereas Replacement Pellet Therapy will take weeks to begin a noticeable change. These services are especially effective treatments for incremental increases of a deficient hormone that allows a patient to feel the effects more immediately. While effective for many, these modes of therapy do require frequent monitoring, daily application, and more frequent practice visits.

Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy, however, is uniquely geared to treat hormonal imbalances that require long-term treatment, without the costs associated with major surgeries or frequent adjustments made in a doctor’s office. This tailored treatment allows the Frank Institute to work with the individual patient to restore their hormone levels to optimum levels, without the roller coaster effect of most hormone treatments. Rather, pellet therapy allows a steady release of hormones to the body, versus creams.

The best hormone replacement treatments are dependent upon the needs of each individual patient.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

As the only provider of Acoustic Wave Therapy in the Cape Fear region, the Frank Institute is proud to offer this incredible, non-invasive, non-surgical therapy to patients dealing with chronic and acute pain conditions, issues associated with vascular degeneration, issues involving blood flow.

A brilliant advancement in the treatment of pain, Acoustic Wave Therapy has also quickly become an industry leading treatment to heal erectile dysfunction and female urinary incontinence.

Intravenous Vitamin Infusion & Hydration

For many patients, issues around general health stem from poor hydration and basic vitamin deficiencies. So many of our patients have utilized IV Infusion and Hydration as a method to maximize other treatments, and fundamentally improve their energy levels, immunity response, and rest habits through better hydration and nutritional optimization.

In addition to the benefits of hydration, we offer several IV packages that encourage skin health, pain relief, and increased energy, though vitamins like B12 and Biotin, among others.

B12 Injections

As one of the few directly injectable vitamins available for patients, B12 is a terrific and immediate treatment for fatigue and general weakness, and it increases mental clarity and metabolism.

B12 is also available as a supplemental addition to many IV treatments.

If you have questions about our work, please feel free to reach out to our Staff, make an appointment, or message Dr. Frank directly.

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