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Our Success Stories

Meet Matthew

Matthew is a 38 year old male who had severe tendonitis in his back along with chronic muscle spasms. Throughout the years, Matthew had seen five different physician assistants and two orthopedics who were unable to treat the issues that were impeding his daily...

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Meet Autumn

My name is Autumn and I have really enjoyed my experienced at the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness. Dr. Frank and his staff are always so attentive and responsive to all of my needs. Unlike a typical doctor’s office each time I came in I got uninterrupted 1...

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Meet Kelly

Kelly is a 48 year old female whom has suffered with severe painful side effects of rheumatoid arthritis for years! She has tried countless treatments including monthly shots at her Rheumatologist’s office. Nothing ever seemed to work for her long term until she tried...

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Meet Diane

Diane is a 65 year old female who suffered with back pain for as long as she can remember. After stumbling upon the Frank Institute’s approach to non-invasive pain treatment, she was astonished at the results she received. “Dr. Frank reduced my back pain and...

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Meet Paula

Paula is a 79 year old female who had suffered with back pain for many years. She came to the Frank Institute begging for help. “Due to the intense pain in my back, it was very difficult for me to walk and get around. Following my second treatment, I was able to move...

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Meet Lawrence

Meet Lawrence, he is a 61 year old man who has had chronic back pain for the last 4 years. “I had back surgery in 2012 and have been on pain medication to manage my pain levels ever since. Dr. Frank offered to try the laser light therapy and I am now off my pain...

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