It’s time to rethink salt.

You think you know salt?  Well, let me reintroduce you to salt.  I’m not talking about that bright white stuff you find in the middle of every chain restaurant dining table. I’m talking about the beautiful, rich substance that exists before it is turned into that “stuff.”

Salt has lost its significance in our society. It used to be valuable enough for trade of services and causes for war.  It used to be pure and sacred. In fact, the word salary even comes from the Latin word, salt!  But today, we have stripped it down to something it is not. We have taken advantage of it, increased its’ shelf life, and figured out how to mass produce at unsustainable quantities… sound familiar?  

The salt we have created is what we call refined salt, or table salt. The original source of this manmade substance is unrefined salt.  The difference is the DNA of the substance and the process used to get it there. 

The refining process rips away crucial minerals from salt by treating them with potentially harmful chemicals… and they don’t stop there.  Moisture is then removed so the shelf life can increase 4-fold. It goes “quantity over quality”, right?  Lastly, it is bleached bright white in aims to appeal to our well-trained brains that food must be squeaky clean before we consume it.  

All these modifications turn salt into something it simply is not.  This is what you must remember when reading all those articles that are based on studies of refined table salt. These are the ones that claim a high salt diet is a largely contributing factor to high blood pressure and hypertension.  The studies were being done on the wrong kind of salt. They are based on massive quantity intakes of the refined substance and consumed by animals! A few rounds of telephone later and here we are claiming that animal studies are directly transposable to humans.  

The sad substance that we are left with after the refining process is completely deficient of rich minerals that were abundant prior.  Mineral deficiency in the body can through you way off your pH homeostasis for optimal health.  This kind of imbalance can cause a multitude of internal problems such as low functioning of the kidneys, liver, brain, immune function, hormones and more. 

Two major substances that are found specifically in unrefined salt are magnesium and potassium. Compounds that are wildly deficient in most people… maybe because we are all eating the wrong salt?  

If a mineral responsible for energy production, nerve and muscle contraction, healthy heart rhythm, DNA and bone development sounds important to you, then let me introduce you to magnesium.  This compound is responsible for over 300 enzyme systems in your body and found abundantly in unrefined salt, yet outrageously deficient in most people. 

Another crucial nutrient for optimal health is potassium.  Potassium is present in every body tissue and required for normal cell function. It plays a strong role in regulating blood volume, kidney function, muscle contraction and nerve productivity. We simply could not function without it. Again, most are deficient. 

A simple way to stay optimal in pH maintenance, magnesium and potassium is to have a healthy relationship with the correct type of salt.  To learn more about the powerful effects of unrefined salt, we recommend reading Salt your Way to Health by Dr. Brownstein.  He has spent years studying this material and recommends one-fourth teaspoon of unrefined salt for every quart of water ingested. Trusted brands include Celtic Sea Salt or any that specify their sourcing process.