anxious womenWhat is it with women and anxiety? It seems that all women have the same worries, and we love to discuss them. We get relief from knowing we are not alone and we find comfort in others who are experiencing the same struggles. But, it’s not our fault, completely. According to Jennifer Shannon, a psychotherapist in Santa Rosa, CA, women have a need to be perfect in all aspects of their lives. She explains that women want to “hit the bulls-eye” in everything they do; being the perfect mom, maintaining a budget, cleaning the house, and nailing the work-life balance is a priority women carry on their shoulders. Women, as a whole, feel the need to take care of everyone else and with that comes a lot of self-pressure that can turn into a snowball effect of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Overall, women are almost twice as likely to experience and be diagnosed with a disorder that relates back to have a level of anxiety, according to the Anxiety and Depression Associates of America.

So, what are the three areas that seem to stress the female gender out the most? Money, work and relationship struggles with significant others. A stressful relationship consumes up to 35% of the overall stress an average female experiences. It is important to keep communication open and maintain a level of respect for one another. A secure and stable marriage can make a huge difference with how women attack managing stress in other departments of our lives.

The positive to all of this? You can find help to manage these stressors. According to Health Magazine, “67% of women who brought up their anxiety said they were glad they did.” Seeing a doctor should be considered when your daily life is starting to be impacted by the anxiety or stress you have. Your primary doctor may recommend a counselor who can help you navigate through strategy or medication. Another recommendation by Edna Foa, Ph.D., a psychologist and director of the Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety at UPenn recommends breathing into a paper bag. It can help control the onset of an anxiety or panic attack.

Women’s Anxiety Stems from: Finances, Work, and Relationships.

52% Finances         44% Work situations        35% Relationships with significant other