Every person experiences aging, injuries, and hormonal imbalances differently.
These surveys offer our staff a confidential glimpse into your symptoms,
challenges, & experiences before you ever walk into our doors.


Experienced Team

Our team consists of licensed, experienced medical providers with years of industry experience.

Private Evaluations

We are aware of the sensitive nature of the situation. All of our treatments are personal and confidential.


Frank Institute For Health and Wellness – we understand your personal issues, so we provide a haven of sympathy, understanding and total wellness.


Our treatments are cutting edge and revolutionary, with fast acting and significant results.


We are southeastern North Carolina's exclusive provider of Acoustic Wave Therapy.
This non-invasive, non-medication treatment has proven highly effective in some aspects of Pain Management, but is especially effective with the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction & female Urinary Incontinence.

Feel young at any age. Take back control of your energy to live that better life.

Sometimes it’s hard to discuss, or even investigate the physical and emotional challenges you’re having; fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, decreased stamina and loss of your sex drive. A decline in hormone production is a natural part of life for both men and women. Take back control of your life with hormone therapy at Frank Institute For Health and Wellness. Dr. Frank will work to find the cause of the problem instead of addressing the symptoms.

Get back to you quickly. Turn back the clock.

You’ve worked hard your entire life. Now that it’s time to enjoy life you feel rundown, tired, and less-than-yourself. At Frank Institute For Health and Wellness there’s a solution to returning your vitality in as little as one week. Pellet Therapy makes hormones readily available when your body needs them. We understand the necessity of private, confidential consultations and treatments to get you back to total wellness.

Don’t live in pain. Frank Institute For Health and Wellness is an alternative to pain pills or surgery.

Frank Institute For Health and Wellness offers pain-free, non-invasive laser and acoustic wave therapy, you get back to enjoying the life and the things you used to love. We know your time is valuable, so we offer short treatment times in a comfortable, private setting. A much better alternative to traditional pain management.

Weight Management

You think you’re eating right and getting enough exercise, but you aren’t losing the weight you want to. We get it, at Frank Institute For Health and Wellness we work with you to explore the connection between diet, lifestyle, exercise, age and even medical history. We’ll help you personalize a program that empowers you to stay on track and keep the weight off.

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