Pain Relief

Why are you living in pain?

The Frank Institute alternative to pain pills or surgery

Living with pain can be difficult, yet so many people do it on a daily basis. Whether your pain is from an old injury, nerve pain, or arthritis, there are steps you can take toward pain management and feeling like yourself again. Frank Institute For Health and Wellness has the resources to provide the much-needed relief you need to live your best life.

Laser Therapy Offered at The Frank Institute

We all know that inflammation leads to pain, so why not treat the root of the problem? Dr. Frank uses a class IV cold laser to address inflammation and reduce your pain.

Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique that minimizes inflammation and pain caused by a wide range of conditions. It can accelerate recovery times, tissue regeneration, wound healing, and more.

How it works

During the 5-10 minute treatment periods, you’ll feel a cold laser applied directly to your skin. You will start seeing results after 4-6 treatments. You should feel little to no sensation during the treatment. This is a great alternative to pain pills and surgery.

Laser therapy is often used alongside other treatments, like physical therapy, massage therapy, and electrotherapy. Together, these can increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

If you’re wondering if laser therapy is the right pain management option for you, call Dr. Frank at Frank Institute For Health and Wellness today.

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